Hip Hop Cooler

Hip Hop Cooler

2 Episodes

Hip Hop Cooler is about discussions on the culture and the music that has defined generations. The genre that many claimed will be done away with like Disco is still here; Solo and Sin discuss their the culture, the music and the artist that create part of this culture.

Hip Hop Cooler
  • Will Smith Disrespected Legend, Eminem Diss and Repackaged Hip Hop

    Episode 1

    Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff have not been given acknowledgement of what they brought to Hip Hop and milestones they were able to achieve. Plus Enimem diss towards Will Smith and Hipsters invade Hip Hop.

  • Hip Hop Revisionist, Interscope vs. Murder Inc.

    Episode 2

    Hip Hop Revisionist, Interscope vs. Murder Inc. on Hip Hop Cooler and more. From Hipster redefining Hip Hop culture and the people who created this genre that have allowed the keys to be given away.