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  • Busta Rhymes the Eccentric Enigma Trailer

    Busta Rhymes the Eccentric Enigma of Hip Hop
    Busta Rhymes brought a lot of innovation, style, and creativity into the culture/music of Hip Hop. Straight out of Jamaica, and Station Island, where his musical roots come from, the enigmatic emcee is still kickin' the flava in your ear.

  • The Assassination of Lupe Fiasco Trailer

    The Assassination of Lupe Fiasco
    Is about his battle to be free from Atlantic Records, media outrage over his political beliefs and Lupe possibly giving up altogether.

  • DMX A Fallen Star and Rap Pioneer Trailer

    We know about the amazing music, the tortured upbringing and the dependency on drugs; knowing this, should fans' give DMX some space and time to recover?

  • Unsung Legends of Rock N' Roll Music Trailer

    Rock N' Roll has been whitewashed from its' origins and in this mini-documentary/series; we showcase the originators of this art form.

  • Land of Our Own Trailer

    This mini-documentary commentary will be out soon. Here Prince and Sincere showcase ways Black people can get land, where to get land strategically and how we can create our own safe havens.

  • Jay-Z the New Industry Target or Puppet Trailer

    Let's go behind the scenes, into why Jay-Z is being targeted and the industry games that is befalling in front of the public eyes.